6 Emergency Items Everyone Should Have

6 Emergency Items Everyone Should Have

  1. Water Filter

We can’t emphasize this enough.  Before you buy any emergency gear, you need to have a way to get clean water. You can only survive 3 days without water, and waterborne bacteria and parasites can lead to a quick death as well.  Whether its purification tablets, filtration system, boiling, make sure you have a way to filter you water. Here is one simple solution:

Emergency Portable Water Filter

  1. Food With  Long Shelf Life

It’s hard to get anything done on a stomach that hasn’t eaten had food in days.  Having enough food rations to last 24 hrs, 72 hrs, 1 Month, 1 Year is crucial.  As the provider and nurturer of your family or yourself, it/s important to be prepared with food.  Consider stocking up on freeze dried foods or MRE’s (meals ready to eat).  If you do, you will need to consider boiling water too.

Portable Gas Stove

Ultra-Lite Aluminum Cookware

  1. Power Source

When power is out and you need a way to stay connected, it’s important to have a way to charge communication systems in case you are separated from family or friends.  Having a power source can charge cell phones and other essential items for survival.

Emergency Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger

Portable Solar Panel with LED Light

  1. Fuel

One of the things overlooked when it comes to emergency preparedness is having enough fuel.  Whether it’s for transportation, using fuel to boil contaminated water, to cooking food, it’s something you need to consider.  If you plan to stay put or bug out, you need to figure out if your fuel source for food will be gas or wood.  Either way, it’s always a good idea to stock up on fuel that lasts a long time. Consider these stoves for cooking food and boiling water:

Mini Emergency Gas Stove

Mini Wood Burning Cooking Stove

  1. Emergency Blankets and Sleeping Bags/Bivy

What are the chances of a disaster or situation where your home is completely destroyed.  What if it’s in the middle of winter?  You will need a way to keep you and anyone else warm. Consider emergency sleeping bags and blankets.  These items don’t take up much space so they are easily stored in a backpack or car.  In fact, what if you get stuck in the snow or your car breaks down?  You will need a way to keep warm. Here’s what we highly recommend:

Ultra-Light Emergency Mummy Sleeping Bag/Bivy

10 pack Emergency Space Blankets

  1. Bug Out Backpacks

To bug out means to carry all the necessary gear to get you to an alternate location to survive.  Again along the same lines as number 5 on this list, what if you have to leave your home? What if it’s destroyed?   Having the right backpack for you or your family will play a crucial role to your survival.  Here are our top picks:

50L “The Bear” Tactical Backpack w/Raincover

45L Bug Out Bag

30L Tactical Backpack 12 Colors


You can never plan on when the next economic crash, geographic disaster, or human epidemic will happen.  But what you can do is be prepared and have a plan for when it happens.  Clean water, food, power, fuel, heat, and backpacks are all great starting points.  

For all your other emergency preparedness, camping, bug out bag, and tactical needs, you can find it at The Proper Prepper.  

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